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    Reciprocity Guidelines (Non W&L Students/Alumni)

    • Reciprocity decisions will be made on an individual basis.
    • Reciprocity is limited to one school in the State of Virginia. Participating schools, in addition to Washington and Lee, are Appalachian, George Mason, University of Virginia, Regent University, University of Richmond, and William and Mary.
    • Requests for reciprocity should be made in writing by the head of the student's/graduate's Career Services Office.   Requests will be accepted via mail, fax, or email (please see Contact Information).
    • The request should state that the requesting school will make similar reciprocity services available to Washington and Lee students/graduates.
    • Students/graduates may use print resources, including books, binders, and employer information files.  They may also use the student computers, phones and fax machine with the permission of a staff member.

    • Individual counseling is available on a case-by-case basis.
    • Job opportunities listed on password-protected web sites may be accessed remotely for a period of three months.
    • On-campus interviews and resume forwarding are not available.
    • Reciprocity will not be granted between August 1st and December 1st.
    • Reciprocity is granted for a period of six months and may be renewed at the discretion of the Director.